Kampung Pasir Putih

Kampung Pasir Putih has become a feast attraction on seafood from various cooking and recipes. While enjoying the Selat Tebrau and Singapore scenery, visitors are free to choose various eastern or western cooking recipes provided.


Kampung Perigi Acheh

This village still preserves various stories and history of the arrival of the Acheh visitors to Tanah Melayu. The harmonious village surroundings, the greenery of the jungle, as well as the friendliness of the residents in awaiting the arrival of visitors who wish to feel the traditional criteria and Malay community culture which is still remains to this very day.




Kampung Tanjung Langsat

Another traditional village which is still available in Pasir Gudang. Kampung Tanjung Langsat becomes a location of choice for those who want to taste seafood delicacies. Situated at the estuary of Sungai Johor, it has also become a focus of fishermen who hunts for garuopa, or sting ray at the jetty, or by renting boats which are provided.