License Issuance

MPPG is responsible to oversee all form of business and industry through  issuance of approval  for all business / industry premise licence type and advertisement. Business growth control is necessary to adjust with policy and law being enforced.

Business / Industry Premise License Application

1. Licence application form may be acquired from the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council payment counter at a price of RM3.00

2. An applicant is required to submit 1 application for 1 business premise

3. Form must be written with blue/black ink in neat and clear handwriting.

4. Only a complete licence application shall be accepted and processed.

5. An applicant must be personally present or through his/her representative based on a condition whereby such representative is authorised by the applicant him/herself via an Authorisation Letter

More Information

For further information please contact  :

Department of Township & Licensing Services, Licensing Division
Pasir Gudang Municipal Council
Aras 15, Menara Aqabah,
Jalan Bandar, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor

Tel : 07-254 7777, 07-251 3720/21/22
Faks : 07-251 5260
Email :